Leadership Presence, Style & Execution

The Brief

A senior executive was struggling to assert herself and embody confidence. She had difficulty speaking up in meetings, often resorted to the notetaker, and was perceived as a transactional, rather than strategic leader.

Robin was engaged by the CEO with a brief to work with the executive to develop her style and confidence.

Insights & Process

The coaching program spanned 4 months. It was established that whilst the executive was extremely knowledgeable in her field – her leadership presence and execution were lacking. She had difficultly translating her knowledge into tangible and actionable behaviours.

A key insight was that the executive was not ‘owning her voice’. A primary feature of presence and authority is being able to articulate ideas and opinions in a steadfast manner, which the executive was largely unable to do.


  • Robin worked with various strategies around voice, as well as sources of power, and had the executive focus on ‘powerful’ verbal and non-verbal leadership markers.
  • Leadership style was assessed against the situational leadership model with exercises to help strengthen the directing style.
  • An in person meeting simulation was created where the executive was tasked to contribute (rather than formally present) opinions and statements amongst a group that wasn’t always receptive.


The executive has flourished – with feedback given that she has grown in confidence, is asserting her opinions and decisions and speaking up. Her improved performance and presence in meetings has been noted by the Board. She is far more engaged with greater job fulfillment and has introduced several bold initiatives. From a questionable beginning, she has anchored herself as a valued member of the executive team.