Conversation Management

The Brief

This financial institution wanted to increase its alignment with one of their core values around communication. They were seeking to make a particular value ‘real’ by giving the team guidance on what challenging communication looked like in action and how to execute.

Insights & Process

Robin and her team developed content by referring to the Radical Candour model, along with the principles of conversation management as addressed by whole brain thinking.

A 4 hour interactive workshop was developed for 25 staff, kickstarting the topic by first asking “why do conversations go wrong?”. A highly engaging workshop ensued which included role plays, discussion and exercises.


With a positive NPS of +100 repeat work has occurred with the workshop then run for the Board.

Case Studies

Robin brings practical, grounded and effective people solutions to all client projects, transforming both individuals and culture to enable profitable and engaged businesses that facilitate job fulfilment and purpose.